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Footswitch Management Software Footswitch Management Software setting example (Command sequence use)
Footswitch Management Software (current version 1.1) is a special program to manage the work of Footswitch Controllers FSW-02 series. In this review you will learn about the program Footswitch Management Software,it is a practical part. Program setting example (Command sequence use)
Footswitch Management Software

Program setting example (Command sequence use)

Practically every program has hotkeys for the most often used functions or has an opportunity to do so, that is why you'll fairly often programme your Footswitch Controller using hotkeys controls.

Let's see an example of Footswitch Controller setting to manage GuitarPro program.

We'll try to adjust Footswitch Controller so that at first pressing Controller 1st button the file opened in GuitarPro program will play from first measure, at second pressing the playing will stop, and at next pressing all these actions will be repeated. GuitarPro program has following hotkey settings.

Track plays and stops SPACE key.

Playing pointer puts on first measure CTRL + HOME key combination. There's no ready hotkey combination for our purpose therefore to achieve the goal we'll use available command combination. In other words every time at pressing Footswitch Controller buttons it's necessary to send two commands to GuitarPro program: CTRL + HOME command to put playing pointer on first measure and the command starting track play (pressing SPACE key). So we'll do that. Add a new setting profile pressing Add button in the Profile Panel.

Add new Profile

A new profile (New Profile) will appear in the program, rename the profile in GuitarPro by left mouse button double clicking on the name.

Go to the Button Position Select Board of Footswitch Controller and select wanted position.

Select wanted position

In this case it's a pressing of Footswitch Controller first button. Go to the Bind Setting Panel and press Add button to create a new bind.

Create a new Bind

To add first key command set new bind parameters according to the figure.

Add new Keyboard command CTRL+HOME

From the Bind type list choose Keyboard key command.

In key command settings define necessary key combination checking Ctrl mark and choosing Home key from the down list. To add second key command repeat similarly all the steps.

The second command adding result is shown in the figure.

Add next Keyboard command Space

You can put text comments into the Comment field for every bind explaining what this command is doing.

In order that GuitarPro program interprets correctly this command sequence it's necessary to send commands with short pauses, their duration could be found experimentally, in this example it's enough 100 ms pause between commands.

To put delay between command excutions add a new bind (Delay) and set 100 ms delay time. Using Up, Down buttons place the new bind between two previous commands.

As a result our command sequence will look in the following way.

Put a delay between command

At the final setting stage it's necessary to exactly define the program where Footswitch Management Software will send this command sequence.

Make settings in the Application tab.

Define file name

Define excutable file name for GuitarPro program by typing GP5.exe file name into the Application row.

For permanent command implementation regardless of GuitarPro program window state, for example when the program window isn't active or minimized, check First main mark.

With all the settings completed check the command sequence functioning by pressing Footswitch Controller first button or Test all Binds command excuting (F5 hotkey).

Check the command sequence function without connecting Footswitch Controller

Also you can take this test without connecting Footswitch Controller FSW-02 to the computer.

Save all the changes pressing Change Save Button.Save changes button

Common recommendations for key command setting.

Management program emulates keypresses therefore using operating way by key command sequence for more reliable performance as far as possible make efforts to choose key combinations with less used keys.

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